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IHS Technology & Management Team

Michael J. Jungbauer
Chief Technology Officer

Water TestingSenator Mike Jungbauer is a biochemistry process designer with over 30 years in the water treatment industry. Senator Jungbauer is nationally recognized as an expert in wastewater treatment and water recycling and brings his passion for the creation of innovative water technologies to the IHS Team.

Mr. Jungbauer, a Humphrey Policy Fellow with the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute, with an educational background in Environmental Policy/Bio-Chemistry, currently serves as a Minnesota State Senator for District 48. Senator Jungbauer serves on the National Conference of State Legislatures standing committee on Agriculture, Environment & Energy and the American Legislative Exchange Council's standing committee on Tax and Fiscal Policy. After an early political start lobbying Congress for farm policy reform, Senator Jungbauer spent the next two decades becoming an international expert on wastewater treatment design, earning a patent in bioremediation and consulting on water projects in Poland, Germany, Honduras and the Philippines. As a biochemistry process designer, Senator Jungbauer designs unique processes that marry both wastewater and drinking water technologies. These proprietary processes mimic nature and consequently create water treatment technologies that are better, cleaner and less expensive than conventional treatment systems.

Senator Jungbauer is well versed in the design, treatment and reuse of frac water, service/produce water, greywater and full strength wastewater. Senator Jungbauer's designs meet the requirements in all 50 of the United States and in countries abroad. From his water recycle and reuse project in the Grand Canyon, to his commercial wastewater treatments in beef processing plants and in mini malls across the nation, the Senator's goal remains the same: taking water, regardless of how it is contaminated and turning it into water that meets drinking water standards. These standards then allow the end user the opportunity to have fresh and plentiful water for irrigation, consumer and commercial applications.

Senator Jungbauer has served as the Water Resource Manager for Landform Engineering, where he headed up the Water Resource Department within the Planning and Urban Development Division, designing water treatment systems that would turn contaminated water into a drinking water product for reuse. Previously, Senator Jungbauer designed commercial and residential wastewater treatment systems for Larson Plumbing, Inc., and financed product development and research for wastewater projects with Rite Choice Marketing, Inc.

Senator Jungbauer holds a license with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and is a certified water and wastewater instructor at state, national and international conferences. Senator Jungbauer was awarded his Bio-remediation award in 2003 and received his Humphrey Policy Fellowship, University of Minnesota: Humphrey Policy Institute in 2009.

Mark J. Hayes
Chief Science Officer - Sionix Corp.

Water TestingMark J. Hayes is the Vice President of Technical Services. His duties include overseeing all research activities including research and development of new company technologies. Other duties include drafting technical manuals, maintaining patent materials all scientific endeavors of the company.

In 2008, Mr. Hayes started up a consulting firm called Minnesota Geotechnical Services. He provides services such as advanced septic design, water tests, wetland restoration and lake mapping. He spends the Minnesota winters as a citizen lobbyist in St. Paul, MN during the legislative session. In 2009, Mr. Hayes was a gubernatorial campaign manager for a GOP hopeful.

Before that, Mr. Hayes provided services in water quality consulting since 1985. Mr. Hayes attended St. Cloud University, receiving a B.S. of Geology with a Hydrology Emphasis. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Geology with an emphasis on surface waters and glacial geology. Mr. Hayes taught at St. Cloud State University as an Adjunct Professor for 2 years.

Peter S. Cartwright, P.E.
Senior Technical Advisor

Water TestingPeter Cartwright has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota (1961) and is a registered Professional Engineer in that state.   

He entered the water industry in 1974 as director of sales and marketing for a major manufacturer of membrane elements and systems. In 1980, Peter formed his consulting engineering business, Cartwright Consulting Co. In 1997, he co-founded another company, Cartwright, Olsen & Associates, LLC. This company has provided third-party evaluation and performance validation testing of innovative drinking water treatment technologies in accordance with the EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program.

Peter specializes in both marketing and technical consulting in high technology separation processes for water purification, wastewater treatment, and food/chemical processing applications. With expertise encompassing virtually all treatment technologies, his clients include manufacturers desiring to produce complete water treatment systems or components thereof. He provides total design, construction, installation, and operating services covering the entire spectrum of water purification, wastewater treatment, water recovery, reclamation and reuse, as well as environmentally conscious manufacturing. In addition, he offers market studies, comprehensive training, and educational programs in all areas of water treatment, as well as complete applications and pilot testing of wastewater streams, necessary for the design of total treatment systems.

 Peter has provided consulting services to over 250 clients worldwide, and has extensive expert witness testimony experience.

He has authored in excess of 150 articles, written several book chapters, presented over 160 lectures in conferences around the world and has been awarded three patents for water purification processes.

He is a founding member of the Technical Review Committee for Water Conditioning & Purification magazine, is on the Editorial Advisory Committee of Water and Wastewater International magazine, and is on the Editorial Advisory Board for Filtration News. He is also on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin College of Engineering annual course, "Process Piping Systems Design and Operation", and is a peer reviewer for the "Journal of Membrane Science". He is also a lecturer for the following annual symposia:
(Texas A&M University - Practical Short Course Series)
     "Membrane/Filtration & Other Separations Technologies"
     "Water Issues & Technologies"
(Dairy Foods Magazine)
     "Industrial Workshop on Membrane Filtration Technology –
          Basics, Process, Design and Applications"

Peter is a recipient of both the Award of Merit and Lifetime Member Award from the Water Quality Association and is the Technical Consultant to the Canadian Water Quality Association.

Philip C. Olsen
Senior Protocol and Verification Advisor

Water TestingMr. Olsen has had a long and distinguished career in the water treatment industry. Today, he is widely recognized as a leading water technology consultant, lecturer, and author.

Mr. Olsen, a 1980 graduate of the University of Minnesota, served as General Manager for a leading water treatment equipment manufacturer and is the founder of several water consulting organizations, including the co-founding of Cartwright, Olsen and Associates and Midwest Water Engineering, firms that have helped clients around the world in environmental performance verification programs, technology development, market research and business planning.

He has served as the principle investigator for numerous technical studies, technology/product development initiatives, and performance verification studies for both private and public (regulatory) sectors. He has authored numerous papers that have served to advance the industry's knowledge of fluid separation, filtration, disinfection, and chemical adsorption processes. Technologies of primary expertise include: Membrane separation (RO, NF, UF, MF), Ozone and UV disinfection, and Adsorption/Filtration technologies. He holds several patent claims in the area of ozonation and water filtration system design.

Mr. Olsen has served as President and Regent for the Minnesota Water Quality Association and is a member of the International Ozone Association, American Water Works Association, Rural Water Association, Groundwater Association, and the International Water Quality Association where he has chaired their Educational Services, and Ozone Technology Committees and has served on their Professional Certification Committee, Science Advisory Board, and Board of Regents.

Mr. Olsen has published numerous technical papers, co-authored several book chapters and is an often sought after lecturer. He also serves as an expert advisor to the United States Environmental Protection Agency and is the recipient of the Award of Merit from both the Minnesota and International Water Quality Associations for his leadership, and contributions toward the advancement of the water quality improvement industry.

William O'Neill

Bill O’Neill is an Interior Construction Real Estate expert. Over the past 10 years, he has been involved with over 400 real estate projects. His background includes 28 years in the Adaptable Real Estate Interior industry. For the past 6 years, Bill has been the regional representative for DIRTT Environmental Solutions and Ice Edge. Latest endeavors include the blending of the interior expertise into an emerging modular housing introduction and initiative utilizing the revolutionary Ice platform.

Bill is also an investor and board member and active participant at Infinite Hydrologic Solutions…bringing innovation to the water needs across the world.

His extensive experience in the industry helps him to share real world applications. He has knowledge of "Classroom of the Future" being utilized at the University of Minnesota and other higher education institutions across North America. He has worked on projects in all vertical markets. He is passionate about Design, Construction, Technology, Water and People.

Some areas of expertise are:

  • Why modular Interior Construction?
  • Why not conventional methodologies?
  • Under Floor Air Distribution
  • Modular Plug and Play Power
  • Modular Plug and Play Data and Structured zone initiatives
  • Modular Millwork
  • Design Freedom
  • Ice Software (Revolutionary Industry Changing Technology)
  • Rapid construction methodologies
  • Smart Buildings
  • Lego Theory
  • Environmentally Savvy Real Estate
  • Not just Recycling and Recycled Content but True Sustainability
  • Attraction and Retention
  • Understanding Total Cost
James Kevin Rickson

James Rickson is an active member of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT) and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and Value Retail News (VRN) the national association for outlet malls and its sister publication.

In August 2012, Misters DeMilta and Rickson decided to dissolve Immersion Development Company, Inc. (formed in 2009) and pursue separate interests and business. Mr. Rickson has gone onto develop relationships in Colombia South America and is currently under contract with interests there in both Outlet Mall development and building relationships with EcoPetrol, the Colombian state oil company to address their water issues.

In 2011 Rickson created Infinite Hydrologic Solutions, Inc. (I.H.S.) with six additional investors to tackle the recycle and reuse of water; specifically as it relates to the new FRACing, oil shale industry. Minnesota State Senator Mike Jungbauer is the Chief Science Officer and a strategic alliance was formed with Mark Hayes, Chief Science Office with Sionix, Inc., Peter Cartwright, Cartwright Consulting and Phil Olsen, Midwest Water, Inc. Together these assets represent some of the best and brightest in the water recycle and reuse industry. I.H.S. is currently developing and deploying technology to meet this most pressing need of the 21st century.

In 2009, James Rickson and Stephen DeMilta created a formal company called Immersion Development Company, LLC. to act as a vehicle for Intellectual Property activities with Marvel Entertainment, DreamWorks Animation and Nickelodeon, which they had been working with for the previous 3 years. In addition, Immersion created a formal relationship with Lisa Wagner and her company QTM to develop and exploit the Premium Outlet business in Asia. Misters Rickson's & DeMilta's intimate knowledge of Korea, China, Hong Kong and greater Asia would act as a springboard for opportunities to place the IP in 4D attractions in Premium Outlet malls throughout Asia.

In addition, Rickson spent 3+ years working closely with government, NGOs and private developers throughout the peninsular of South Korea. Beginning with the $1.4 Billion USD Marvel Studios Theme Park in Busan, Korea and subsequently working with Gale International in Incheon, Korea, Dreamwood, Hallyuwood, Robotland, Lippo Group and a host of other entities on their IP themed entertainment venues throughout the peninsula. Each of these developments incorporated a Hollywood themed entertainment venue within a greater premium Outlet mall development. Developed and maintains an extensive network of gaming, local IP holders, legal, PR, Banking, Interpreter, retail competitive environments and potential staff to draw from. Rickson has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the culture, business environment, financial system and Chinese and Korean mind set towards foreign involvement and Foreign Direct Investment, in the Middle and Hermit Kingdoms.

As Vice President of International Development for Al Ahli Group, Dubai, Rickson was point person for the development of the 1.3 million sq. ft. Dubai Outlet Mall. Collaborating on marketing and leasing decisions, Rickson was involved with the design, construction and eventual opening at 95% leased facility. James was instrumental and the first international executive to acquire a multi-country entertainment licensing deal for one of the most coveted entertainment brands outside of North America. Jim was the lead negotiator as it related to the acquisition of the Nickelodeon brand for theme park rights through the parent company of Viacom and MTVN. Jim helped lead the detailed creative process for the Marvel Studio Park in Dubai and other major attraction and retail venues with Dubai's most prestigious developer, Nakheel, the developer of the Palm Islands. Projects under this development agenda were valued in excess of $2 billion USD. Rickson continues to work closely with Nickelodeon, MTVN and Viacom on developments in Indonesia, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi and throughout Asia.

James's background was cultured in international alliances that spanned from Eastern Europe to the rim of Asia. James opened international distribution and branding offices in 17 foreign countries throughout this region for some of the most sought after FMCG companies in the world.

Negotiated licensing agreements with foreign multi-national company's to represent the American Fortune 1000 corporations under master licensing agreement such as: Anheuser Busch, Hershey's Chocolate, Estee Lauder General Foods, General Mills, Martin Emprex, Dunn Stores (Ireland), Marks & Spencer (UK), Jovan Fragrances, Clinique and many more. James went on to assign his teams in the creation of all globally compliant marketing plans, sales forecasts, opening orders and inventory tracking systems for these new agents. Negotiated vendor agreements both nationally and internationally.

Formed Middle East Oil Recovery Services, LLC. in Bahrain and worked extensively thought Kuwait and the greater Middle East after the conclusion of the 1st Gulf War.

Formed a joint venture (Institutional Assets, Ltd.) with the Mutual Life Insurance Company of NY (MONY), owned 24.5 % and managed 1 million sq. ft. development in Kansas City, Mo. In addition, the JV established relationship with local developers and participated in extensive retail projects throughout the metropolitan area.

As Vice president of Corporate Affairs for Executive Hills, Inc. Rickson acquired an extensive negotiation background and experience with zoning applications, staff reviews, environmental overview and council approval. Project management over design development of $300 Million, 1 million sq. ft Kansas City Place office tower and 600,000 Kansas City Merchandise MART projects with PBNA Architects and HNTB Architects. Worked with REITs and Insurance companies on construction and end loans and handled purchases and sales from and to institutional investors.

Handled all lease negotiations for 5 million sq. ft. of office and retail space combined with extensive warehouse development. Clients included Apple Computer, Black & Veatch Engineers, Federal Express and Sprint et al.

Negotiated construction and end loans with Institutional investors such as Mutual of N.Y. (MONY), Travelers, Teachers' Pension Fund, Aetna, Equitable and The Morgan Banking Consortium. Also drafted sales and loan agreements with Shook-Hardy-Bacon and Schuggart-Thompson law firms and designed and initiated global leasing structures for these projects.

Joined Gulf Oil, Corp. as a land agent and negotiated mineral interest rights for Gulf Mineral Resources, Inc. throughout the oil & gas fields and coal substrata across the United States.

- Bachelor of Science, Management and Finance University of Missouri, Kansas City
- 30 hours of MBA work, Strategic Planning at University of Missouri, Kansas City
- Petroleum Institute of America, Landman's certification in negotiation strategies
- Petroleum Institute of America, Title abstracting certification
- Real Estate Broker's or Agent's license in Minnesota, Kansas and Missouri
- Member National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT)

Steven C. Leverington

Prior Work History:            

Owner - SCL Construction Inc., Minneapolis, MN
   December 2006 - June 2011
Concurrent with employment at both Bauer Design Build and KM Building Company, in a transparent agreement, SCL Construction continued to provide a full range of ground up and tenant improvement project services to existing and new clients, mirroring the projects and services provided by Schroeder/Leverington Inc.. SCL Construction was renamed Meyhoff Leverington Inc. in June 2011.

Senior Project Manager - Bauer Design Build LLC, Maple Plain, MN
   October 2008 - May 2011
Responsibilities: Market and secure ground-up and remodel work providing marketing assistance, preconstruction services, contract negotiations, project management, and project close-out. Projects consist of industrial facilities, retail buildings, tenant build-outs, and solar facilities.

Senior Project Manager - KM Building Company, Minneapolis, MN
   December 2006 - October 2008
Responsibilities: Develop ground-up work for KM by providing marketing assistance, preconstruction services, contract negotiations, project management, and project close-out. Projects consist of churches, industrial facilities, office buildings, and tenant build-outs.

CEO - Schroeder/Leverington, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
   August 1991 - November 2006
Responsibilities: Provide corporate management as well as marketing, pre-construction services, bidding, contract negotiations, and project management. Project types included athletic clubs, churches, office buildings, schools, retail buildings, airport terminals, and higher education facilities.

Director of Estimating - Witcher Construction Company, Minneapolis, MN
   December 1990 - August 1991
Responsibilities: Oversee all pre-construction services from quantity take-off, pricing, bidding, and contract negotiations. Participate in corporate strategy for project procurement and long-term planning.

Senior Estimator - M.A. Mortenson Co., Minneapolis, MN
   October 1988 - December 1990
Responsibilities: One of two team leaders for the national bid team. Bid projects up to $300M on a national basis ranging from athletic arenas, medical facilities, convention centers, airports, and institutional projects.

Field Engineer/Estimator - Jens Oelsen & Sons Construction Co., Waterloo, IA
   May 1986 - October 1988
Responsibilities: Provide estimating services and assist project managers in obtaining and managing projects ranging from educational facilities, churches, office buildings, industrial plants, and waste water treatment plants.

- Iowa State University, Ames, IA – BS Construction Engineering, May 1986
- Proficient in MC2, Timberline, WinEst, File Maker, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Project and MS PowerPoint

Steven P. Ogdahl
Chief Executive Officer

Steve Ogdahl brings 31 years of real estate and entrepreneurial experience to his ventures. Steve began investing at age 17 when he purchased his first dilapidated duplexes for a few hundred dollars and invested sweat equity to fix them up and generate cash flow. In 1974, Steve started Steven Operating, Inc., which buys and manages real estate properties. Steve remains as the President to date.

In 1993, Steve formed a partnership with Dave Russ to buy a rundown 120 unit apartment complex that was plagued by gangs and violent crime. Working with the City of Brooklyn Park, Steve and Dave totally renovated and remarketed the property as The Groves of Brooklyn Park. Before the project was even completed, crime in the area dropped dramatically and there was a waiting list of prospective residents wanting to move in. A second project dubbed The Fountains in the Park followed immediately and after the major renovation of this 96 unit complex, Brooklyn Park city officials from the Chief of Police to the Mayor were singing Steve and Dave's praises. They had successfully transformed community liabilities into valued housing for the city and economic assets to the limited partners.

Steve continues to this day to create innovative deals that positively impact all of the parties involved. Cities, residents, developers and communities alike all benefit from Steve's depth of experience and his demonstrated leadership skills. Steve is an experienced no-nonsense negotiator and is a licensed broker. He has successfully completed numerous purchases and has owned and operated multiple endeavors including restaurant/bar operations, a vending business and a contracting company.

Steve has a laser-like focus and the ability to keep things on track. He is conscientious, respectful and professional his dealings with vendors, tenants, employees and business partners. He is fair-minded and generous and is not afraid to put difficult discussions on the table. Steve delegates responsibility trustingly, always appreciating the efforts of those he entrusts with those responsibilities. Steve is patient and understanding, yet maintains high standards in what he wants accomplished. Steve can visualize a deal from conception through completion and is always willing to help with any situation that can benefit from his involvement. Steve has been invaluable in his service to multiple start-up companies, giving them direction and focus as they grow their businesses. Steve values each and every person that he deals with and always leaves every stakeholder with a strong sense of belonging in a team environment.

Steve now brings his leadership skillset to IHS. Steve is excited help IHS grow from an intriguing idea to a proven concept that can become a disruptive technology in the area of oil and gas field water treatment and water recycle. Steve takes the IHS message of "Clean water for the world" very seriously and promises to do all that he can to bring this exciting new technology to market.

Theodore T. Chalgren

Theo Chalgren is the Chief Executive Officer of One Tree Development Inc. and The One Tree Group, LLC. Theo also serves as the Executive Producer and President of Honest To God! Media and is a Director of Infinite Hydrologic Solutions. As CEO of One Tree Development, Theo is responsible for leading the strategic development, planning, coordination and execution of all activities related to marketing One Tree Development's energy-efficient, building products and services. As Executive Producer of Honest To God! Media, Theo harnesses the power of visual media, by focusing on key messaging delivery to clearly defined and keenly understood audiences.

With a reputation as a master visual storyteller, Theo's award-winning work has been seen in over 80 million homes worldwide and has been called "profoundly moving" and "life changing". At HTGM, Theo oversees all client development and client interaction, all creative and pre-production, including key message and audience development, all field production, all post-production and final product marketing and distribution. Some of Theo's most significant achievements include producing the visual series version of number-one-selling Christian author, John Eldredge's "Wild at Heart" book (John credits the series in helping him to sell nearly 2 million copies of his book), the first term election of US Senator Norm Coleman (Theo's refusal to do negative campaign ads lead to the creation of the highly-acclaimed ads featuring Norm's young daughter Sara, and when Norm's opponent, Senator Paul Wellstone was tragically killed in a plane accident, Theo was the one who received a call from the campaign at midnight, asking him to pull together a team to help craft a response. These spots were given much of the credit for Coleman's election), and "In the Wildflowers", a 10-part documentary style series, dealing with the horror of, and the healing from, the trauma associated with childhood sexual abuse. Theo has been honored with multiple awards including an Axiom and an Omni for producing "What I really want to say", a reality video series for teens and a Gold Telly for his documentary "We will say yes". Theo says that HTGM's tag line: "Changing Hearts and Minds through Visual Media", showcases the opportunities within this medium.

One Tree Development gives Theo the opportunity to showcase his entrepreneurial skill set. With a focus on creating sustainable building solutions for the 21st century, Theo has created nationally recognized green branding for commercial and residential building products and services, obtained the commitment and negotiated the agreements to represent them and continues to research new energy-efficient product and service offerings to bring into the One Tree fold. Theo offers a unique blend of executive acumen and enjoys bringing talented people together to craft the requisite strategic vision to create deals that move forward. Most recently, Theo helped to pull the team together that has become Annabelle Communities. Annabelle is spearheading a 5 to 10 year development of new communities in the Northwestern part of North Dakota that is being driven by the vast oil play known as the Bakken Oil Fields. New communities are coming to life as Annabelle utilizes One Tree products and services on this massive build out. As Annabelle committed over $300 million to these projects in less than 10 months, Theo headed all marketing efforts for the launching of this endeavor. All advertising, public relations, online marketing, web management, social media, event management, new product development and client relations were under his purview.

The opportunities in the Bakken and the recent formation of Infinite Hydrologic Solutions prompted Theo to create The One Tree Group, LLC. (OTG) The One Tree Group combines the energy-efficient building products of One Tree Development with global project financing and development, general contracting, marketing, consulting services and the proprietary water reuse and recycle technologies of Infinite Hydrologic Solutions. OTG is now involved with multiple opportunities throughout the world.

Theo's life experience includes multiple leadership roles in both career and volunteer positions. Early in his career, Theo became the number one salesperson in the world for Avis Rent-A-Car Systems, Inc., and was given the title of Salesmaster. Theo has served on multiple non-profit boards including Safe Place for Newborns and Oasis Veritas. During the 2008 Presidential race, Catholics for McCain included Theo on its list of the "100 most prominent Catholics in the nation" and invited him to serve on the Catholics For McCain National Steering Committee. Theo is humbled to be a founder of Holy Family Catholic High School in Victoria, Minnesota, the first laity-driven, Catholic high school ever built in the United States. He was the project's first Board Chairman and served for nine and a half years on its Board of Directors. Theo says he is most blessed by his wife Margaret and their 3 children, Zack, Jackson and Madeline. 

Todd Meyhoff

Todd Meyhoff is the CEO and one of the founders of Meyhoff Leverington, Inc., a general contracting organization focusing on client oriented design/build opportunities. He has an extensive knowledge of business development and a vast network of contacts gained through his years of business experience.

Todd has accumulated over 30 years of broad commercial construction and residential building experiences. He believes in building lasting relationships with clients, working with them to literally build their businesses through a commitment to integrity, collaboration and exceptional service.

Prior to Meyhoff Leverington, Todd owned and operated a Minnesota based construction supply company for 12 years, building the company from its inception to gross revenues of $12 million in 2009.

Todd understands the importance of giving back to the community. He has volunteered countless hours to multiple charities. He has served on the Wright County Economic Development Partnership and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Community Health Foundation of Wright County.