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"Do you have water treatment issues
related to oil and gas field services?
IHS offers the most cost effective, cutting
edge technology to handle them."

Infinite Hydrologic Solutions, Inc.

IHS was formed for the purpose of commercializing, selling and leasing a high-value added industrial wastewater treatment and water recycling technology with applications in a variety of major commercial markets. The Company's primary market is the oil and gas exploration and production industry. IHS works directly with oil and gas field producers, oil field service companies and supporting networks to design and deliver on-site integrated wastewater treatment and water recycle systems (the "Systems"). These Systems are designed to treat hydraulic frac water produced during the drilling process and service water produced during the life of a producing oil or gas well. In addition, IHS will focus on ancillary industrial applications with significant water consumption and treatment needs: such as, man camps and temporary housing operations; mining operations; ethanol production; and, generally, industries where high-volume, on-site integrated water treatment is necessary and generally not available from competitors in the marketplace.

Oil FieldThe increasing requirements of "Water Discharge Standards" has forced operators in these target industries to spend enormous amounts of money to truck away and dispose of contaminated water off-site. IHS has proprietary systems integration technology and knowledge that is incorporated into our modular, on-site Systems that can treat contaminated water and bring discharged water to drinking water quality; 0.2 microns per liter.

Since its inception, IHS has designed a series of Systems for the specific needs of our identified markets: oil and gas exploration and production, high-density temporary housing, and ancillary industries producing high volumes of contaminated water.